IT/Web Consulting by Evan Hoose

Important Note:

I am not currently taking on any consulting work to do with System Administration. If you wish to have a website developed or some audiovisual work done, please feel free to contact me!

About Me.

My name is Evan Hoose, and I'm an independent contractor specializing in Web Development, Software Hosting, and general IT/Networking.

I have experience with several software stacks, and am quite confident learning a new work environment and getting up to speed quickly.

About my work

Regardless of the deliverable, I do everything possible to maintain communication with my customers, deliver in a timely manner, and deliver a quality service.

This work ethic carries across all aspects of my work, and I make sure it shows in all interactions with customers.

About this site

You may be looking at this site and thinking "what's the big deal? This site is barebones." That is the big deal! This site is as simple as possible, because you are not here to admire fancy design, but to get your work done - and I am here to help you get that done as fast as possible!